Branch Services

          Irrigation, Pumps, and Lights



Be sure to ask about our Maintainance Packages for Irrigation and Outdoor lighting!

The nights are getting longer and we can see our lights for a longer time. I can design and install a professional lighting system, including LED lights.


If you already have outdoor lights, I can come and make needed adjustments after dark, when lighting effects are seen.


Be sure to ask about LED retro fits for your outdoor lighting. Save money, both with power usage and bulb cost.



Design, Installation, and repair.


Signage and accent


Our systems should be off. If not make sure your clock is off.   We will inspect your system and turn off the water 



It is important that we conserve water, which saves money.  Ask about the latest water saving technology!


 Also, ask us about the latest technology in conveniently running your sprinkler system...from your smart phone!



We are ready to help diagnose any problems. If you have a source, we can retrofit a pump to your system. 


From standard installation of 2hp pumps on Lake Lanier to large commercial pump stations (F&W, Watertronics, etc.), we can meet your property requirements.  We have the experience and knowledge to assess your needs and reduce downtime on your pump system.


We can handle pump controls including VFDs, pressure switches, and relay systems.


We also deal with filtration issues and deep well issues that may arrise.